Melodic and melancholic indie folk

With calm fingerpicking guitars and modest vocals Boyle creates wide musical landscapes where the listener can dream away in. It is hopeful and melancholic without losing focus on melody and dynamics. Their music is often compared with The National, Low, Bedhead and Red House Painters.

Boyle is an indie/folk band from Utrecht, The Netherlands and is a project by Marten Timan. Marten performed in a series of bands on bass and guitar, and toured around the the world with postrock-band We vs Death for about a decade. Boyle is named after a small town in Alberta, Canada where Marten lived for a while as an exchange student. The memories and experiences from that period are stored on the personal album ‘Release’ that was released in 2015 on SNWL Records (Knoxville, US).

The album was pressed in a limited edition of a 100 (solid white) vinyls and hand- screenprinted by Tommy Davidson from Leeds. To celebrate its release the band organized a music-and-art festival in september 2015 in a cathedral in Utrecht.

Since then Boyle has grown into a full band and have been playing shows in Netherlands and Germany on many beautiful locations.

In 2018 the single ‘Enter’ was released through LoFriday Records. A new album is in the making.


Boyle is:

Marten Timan (guitar, vocal)
Lotte van Leengoed (bass, organ, vocal)
Jasper van der Steen (guitar)
Dave Mollen (drums)

Former members:
Matthijs Thomassen (guitar, organ, percussion, vocal)
Tim Thomassen (drums, percussion, vocal)




“Release contains intimate and personal songs. Earlier we heard Former Glory , but now My Future , which propels melancholically on splintered guitars and Timan ‘s lively voice . “- Kicking the Habit

” Boyle has made a personal album Release unadorned and without hip hooks , and that is so refreshing. ” – 3voor12 / Utrecht

” Similar to Red House Painters , Low and Herrek the strength of the songs lie within pure simplicity. ” – Kicking the Habit


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