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MeatBalloon Records is proud to present a new member of our fast growing family, Trey. Emerged recently from the soaring music scene of Utrecht, this three man outfit has crafted some amazing music in the vein of The Jesus Lizard, Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age and Hot Snakes, that we are eager to share with the rest of the world. Being veterans, these guys have been playing in different successful bands and projects for a couple of decades, putting out a wide range of albums and touring clubs and festivals all over Europe. As friends and former band mates, forming Trey was a natural next step. And boy or girl, are we happy they did.


Trey released their video SIDES though the online music platform The Daily Indie. Read the interview here and watch the video on the right.


In addition to releasing their EP with us, Trey will be playing as many live shows as they possibly can in preparation of an upcoming full-length album, which they are currently writing songs for.

Download bio (en & nl) here.